Economy of Francesco

International summer school on environmental and social crisis: new economy Split, Croatia 2023

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Economy of Francesco International Summer School, Split (26.8.-03.09. 2023.)

About the EoF International Summer School

In his address during the event „Economy of Francesco“ in Assisi 2022 pope Francis pointed out that „an economy that inspires us with the prophetic dimension is expressed today in a new vision of the environment and the earth. We have to embrace this harmony with the environment and the earth. There are many people, businesses and institutions that are making an ecological conversion. We need to go forward on this road and do more.“

The Economy of Francesco International Summer School “on environmental and social crisis: new economy” will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about newest progression with regard to interconnectedness between economy, ecology and social justice from the perspective of the “Economy of Francesco” and catholic social teaching.


Croatian EoF HUB

Catholic university of Croatia in Zagreb

Faculty of social sciences of the Pontifical university of st. Thomas Aquinas in Rome

Docat Center Split


The EoFISS offers research and dialogue-oriented lectures from leading experts in the field of Catholic social teaching (CST), social sciences, theology and economics. It is a one-week program in two modules aimed at students of economics, social sciences, law, theology and engineering, as well as postgraduate students and all interested parties.

All students enrolled in this School will gain 3 ECTS for their participation and passing all exams.

The EoFISS is working through two interconnected modules:

  • The first module is dedicated to ecology and the ecological crisis that Pope Francis articulated through the phrase cry of the Earth in his encyclical Laudato si’. The idea is to offer young people models and tools, based on CST, so that they can face the ecological crisis through the prism of the EoF.
  • The second module is dedicated to the economic crisis that continuously generates social inequalities, which Pope Francis articulated with the cry of the poor and which he talks about throughout his pontificate. The idea here is also to offer young people models and tools of social action, based on CST, but also to present in more detail alternative economic models

All participants will attend two plenary sessions on two basic topics and can choose between one of the two mentioned modules according to their preferences.

Each module may have up to 30 participants.

The teaching format encompasses the following activities:

  • Plenary interactive sessions 
  • Daily lectures and workshops with emphasis on Q&A
  • Individual and group-based assignments
  • Panels for participants to present their own research/professional projects
  • Possibility for individual consultation with teaching staff
  • Field trips and cultural programme
  • A certificate of participation

Module topics:

Environmental crisis and new economy (cry of the Earth)

  1. Integral and sustainable economy
  2. Innovations and economic creativity in nature protection
  3. Circular economy and the European Green Plan
  4. Laudato si lifestyles
  5. Economy of Francesco and CST
  6. CST and the socio-ecological crisis of our time

New economy and social justice (cry of the poor)

  1. Business ethics in the context of ecology
  2. Ecology, solidarity and economic growth
  3. Inclusive economy and social entrepreneurship
  4. Financial literacy and Economy of Francesco business plan
  5. Economy of Francesco and CST
  6. CST and the socio-ecological crisis of our time

Students can APPLY only for one module.

Registration Fee: €600

The deadline for registration fee payment is 31 July 2023.

The fee covers accommodation and food for 9 days in Split, working materials and additional cultural events.


Applications to the Summer School encompasses:

  • Above mentioned study program (as well as other interested disciplines)
  • An excellent working knowledge (speaking and writing) of English
  • The availability to attend the entire teaching sessions of the program.

Assessment and accreditation

The credits awarded for successful participation and assessment will be 3 European Credit Transfer System (3 ECTS).

How to apply?

Please fill out the application form HERE

The deadline for application is June 15, 2023.

For all additional info, please contact us at:

Docat Centar Split           

OIB: 48518816162 

IBAN: HR4023900011101325123 (HPB)

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